Rubik’s Cube… More than just a game

We all would have noticed that when someone thinks very deeply, he will start shaking his legs continuously or keep swapping something that’s in his hand for repeat mode. That’s because your mind is trying to get some answers but your eyes are looking somewhere constantly and your body needs something. And when all these 3 things get linked up your concentration power increases tremendously which can clear your way towards the answer that you want.
So when you try to solve a rubik’s cube, your hand-eye coordination gets set up properly and your mind works faster as your concentration level has just doubled up.
And if these is properly taught to children, then they develop a habit which is beneficial for them to increase their concentration power in the future also.

Rubik’s cube will directly help your brain to become sharper with improving your decision making skills. It improves your concentration and ensures that you can process your thoughts faster.
Physically it helps in Improving your reflexes as you keep solving this rubik cube and as stated before it also improves your hand-eye coordination.

It also teaches us the important life lessons like patience, focus, determination, dedication and concentration.

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