Improve your logical and analytical skills with lots of fun

Hey there, young brains!
In today’s era people have started replacing their brain power with calculators and dictionaries.

But we forget that it was a human who created them. So why not replace them once again with our brain power by sharpening our brains with Kakuro and Pictionary instead of calculator and dictionary?

You might be wondering, is it even possible to put so much stress on the brain and keep developing your IQ? The answer to your question is yes! And how, we will let you know.

There is a huge world of mind games where you can choose among your favourites to train your brain.

Have a look at a few of them, learn how they are played and what do they do to improve your logical and analytical skills with lots of fun!

  • Kakuro

Kakuro is a kind of logic puzzle that is often referred as a mathematical transformation of crossword.

The objective of the puzzle is to insert a digit from 1 to 9 into each white cell such that the sum of numbers in each entry matches the clue associated with it and that no digit is duplicated in any entry.

This means that solving a Kakuro puzzle involves investigating huge variety sets of permutations and combinations.

  • Brainvita

Brainvita is also known as peg solitaire. It is a single person board game involving moving marbles from one position to another position on the board according to some specific rules. The objective of the game is to have as few marbles as possible at the end of the game.

  • Pictionary

Pictionary is a game, where each team moves a piece on a game board formed by a sequence of squares. Each square has a letter or shape identifying the type of picture to be drawn on it. The objective is to be the first team to reach the last space on the board. To achieve this, the player must guess the word or phrase being drawn by their partner, or if the player lands on an “all play” square, one player from each team attempts to illustrate the same concept simultaneously, with the two teams racing to guess first. The first player to land and guess correctly at the finish wins.

  • Sudoku

Sudoku is a logic based number placement puzzle and its objective is to fill a 9×9 grid with digits from 1 to 9 in such a way that each row, each column and each of the 3×3 sub grids that compose the main grid consists of the numbers from 1 to 9 which shall not be repeated…The puzzle consists of a partially completed grid which has only a single solution.

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