Have you ever heard of “MIND GAMES”?

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Have you ever heard of “MIND GAMES”?
Just as interesting the term is, more interesting it is actually!
We rarely exercise the brain muscles which should factually, be trained to improve cognitive brain functions.

Some of the “mind games” which develop the brain are:
1.) Sudoku
2.) Kakuro
3.) Brainvita
4.) Rubik’s cube
5.) Braingle
6.) Brain teaser puzzles and lots more.

In this gadget addict era we have almost given up on logical and analytical thinking which should ideally be a part of child development since early age. These games have proven to help in “SHARP AND LOGICAL DEVELOPMENT OF MIND”. Parents should de-addict their children from the adverse effects of mobile phones, video games and rather check upon the mental growth of their child through these simple yet challenging mind games which are a perfect fun plus learn package!!

Introducing to you, ‘LogIQ’ which will help your child cultivate these abilities.

Through this blog, we look forward to share with our viewers the benefits of mind games, history of development through it and some fun facts which you might have missed on your favourite mind games!!

For the first writeup of the blog, let’s start with the most popular RUBIK’S cube.
The cube is an intimation of life itself-or even an improvement on life. – ERNO RUBIK
It can be estimated that less than 5.8% of the world’s population can solve the Rubik’s Cube!

The Rubik’s cube is a 3x3x3 cube puzzle invented by an Architecture Professor named Erno Rubik in 1974.A normal Rubik’s cube has three layers. As we know that a cube has 6 faces. In order to solve the whole cube, we have to solve 6 faces. Instead of that, we will do it by solving three layers.

A Rubik’s cube has three types of pieces. They are: Center pieces, Edge pieces and Corner pieces.
Each centre has one colour.
Each edge has two colours.
Each corner has three colours.

Teaching at LogIQ:
At LogIQ, we have trained more than 200 students in 4 months. LogIQ is an official partner of “TUTORS FOR TOMORROW”, “RENAISSANCE”, “B2B” (BONDING TO BOOKS)

We have conducted workshops at CLUB O7 as well as international schools like TODDLER’S DEN.

Below are the pictures of our young cubers who have won awards at competitions held at LogIQ at studio Pepperfry, Ahmedabad in December 2018?.

(Mr.Vatsal Shah encouraging young minds)

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Tease your brain:
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