Have You Ever Heard Of Brain Gym?

Hi Friends,

To start with, let’s ask some self-actualization questions to ourselves…

  1. How many times have you felt that your limbs have stiffened while getting up in the morning? Almost Daily!
  2. How many times have you promised yourself that from today I will go to a gym or do any physical activity that will help in keeping my body fit? Almost Daily
  3. How many times have you actually gone ahead and fulfilled the above promise? Occasionally by most people and Daily by a select few!!

Fortunately, Physical Health is a matter of concern for many of us and due to increased awareness in recent times, most of us are making an effort to improve that. But what about #Mental #health…

What??? Mental health? What is That???

Mental Health is a very grave concern in today’s hectic world. Constant use of mobile phone, social networking sites, laptops, earphones have numbed our mental agility and brain functioning.

  1. How many of us remember the mobile nos of our immediate family members by heart?
  2. How many of you remember the important dates of your friends and family without any social media assistance?
  3. How many of you can remember your important TO DO items/ appointments without taking the assistance of the mobile phone reminders?

The answer of most of the above questions is – Never or rarely

So what do you think is the solution to this? The answer is simple.. the way our physical body needs some exercise/ physical activity / right diet to stay fit and agile, the same holds true for our Mental health. But how do we provide exercise to our brain? Its very simple. In fact simpler and less torturous than giving your physical body a gymming session 😛

Mental Gymming is the new trend which is catching up fast these days. The different tools to increase your mental agility & memory are #Rubikcube, #JigsawPuzzles, #Brainwita, #Sudoku, #Crosswords, etc. These tools/ mental gym instruments force your brain to think and this acts as a lubricant to your rusted brain. Rubik cube is one of the most efficient tools of sharpening your brain. It is scientifically proven that Rubik Cube helps in eye-hand coordination, increasing your focusing ability and concentration levels of the brain, the various colours help in reducing the mental stress, etc. One more thing which Rubik cube helps in developing is the ability to find multiple solutions to the same problem. The brain uses multiple tricks, uses different combinations and permutations to solve the Rubik’s cube and this conditions the brain to look for multiple options of solving the same problem.

So my friends, you can see how important mental gymming is and trust me it is more fun and a lot easier than a physical gym J Mental gymming tools are not just for kids. Infact they are more useful to the elderly. As they say, you are as old as you think. SO let’s think young J

Rubik Cube = Mental Gym

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