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Vision of LogiQ
Establish an educational institute wherein all the mind related activities like solving the cube blindfolded, chess and courses related to mathematics will be achieved.

Mission of LogiQ
Enhance personal development of mind through interactive way.

Think out of the box doing things practically. Our values are:

  • Quality work.
  • Hard work with proper dedication.

What We Do!

At LogiQ, we brainstorm & understand your mind. Basically we workout to bring students hidden Potential.

Our main Motto is to move kids away from "GADGETS", make them more focused their work and thus improve concentration. The techniques if not directly but surely help indirectly in Studies.

We also guide students For the Competitions.

3*3 Rubik's Cube

This is simplest cube. It has 6 faces & 6 colours.Different pieces in rubik's cube are center,edge and corner pieces.

4*4 Rubik's cube

It also moves horizontally and vertically like 3*3 cube but this is an even numbered cube so it is a bit tricky and much more exciting then 3*3 cube. It has 6 edges,12 edges and 8 corners.

5*5 Rubik's Cube

This cube has similar concepts as a 3*3 cube but the toughness level increases. It needs utmost patience to solve the cube.

Mirror Magic Cube

As the name suggests it has different shapes and different sizes too. Basically it is 3*3 cube of shapes.

Pyramix Cube

It is related with concepts of triangle in 3D. Prism is well explained with this cube . Here there are tip, edges and center pieces.

Ghost Cube

One of our exclusive services. Ghost cube comes in one of the top 5 hardest puzzles.it requires lot of concentration to solve the cube. It covers almost all geometrical shapes.

Mastermorphix Cube

As the name suggests this cube is meant for masters. An advance level of 3*3 and pyramid cube.

Megaminx Cube

It is a star shaped cube with 12 colours and 12 faces. Great cube which brings eye hand coordination.

SquareOne Cube

This cube is a unique one as here algorithms are in form of coordinates . It looks like a pizza slice when shuffled. Sounds great. IS IT? It will be even more exciting and full of fun once it gets started.


This cube is quite different from all of the above. Main excitement here is it moves diagonally only.

Rubik's Cube Training Classes
Schedule For Ahmedabad

Batch Start Date / End Date Timing Session Per Week
Rubiks cube batch 12th December 4:30-6:00 PM 2
Advanced batch 12th December 4:30-6:00 PM 1
Sciknowmath batch 15th December 6:00-7:30 PM 2
Little orator batch 4th January 11:00-1:00 PM 1

Note: Weekday Batches will be held twice in a week ( Tuesday & Thursday ).

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Advantage of

Rubik Cube

  • Eye hand co-ordination.
  • Logical development of mind.
  • Focus and concentration increases.
  • Cube comes in almost all mathematical shapes so geometrical concepts of mathematics can be cleared.
  • Improve decision making.
  • Playing with different colours helps in reducing stress.
  • It improves patience level.
Some cubes have algorithm in form of coordinates so basically it has direct connection with mathematics. So here at logiq we try to enhance mental abilities which indirectly helps students in their studies.



Founder’s Desk

Valued Visitors / Customers,

We here at LogiQ would like to thank you for visiting here, It is our pleasure to share our thoughts & ideology to come up with mind development activities.

Nowadays, we  listen here and there about excessive usages of Mobile Phone, Games, gadgets etc., which keeps us very engaged that we can not realize that our loved ones are becoming “GADGET-ADDICTS”, which is impacting their thinking ability.

This is the reason why we as  young entrepreneurs decide to step up against it with reliable and proven option which keeps us mentally healthy by keeping our brain active.


Raj-A data analytics lover and a passionate speed cuber who is willing to help other aspiring speed cubers and spreading awareness about cubing through LogIQ


A Public Speaking coach to motivate and train children for becoming a better orator.

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